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Pest Controls
Orchard Pest Management
Apple Pest Kit
Apple Pest KitOrchard Pest Management
8571 Six red ball traps, apple maggot lure and a jar of Stiky Stuff. Provides pest monitoring for up to 6 trees or pest control for 1–3 trees. read more
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Holistic Orchard Spray Kit
Holistic Orchard Spray KitOrchard Pest Management
8590 To promote the health of your home orchard, this kit contains: 1 gal Fish Hydrolysate, 1 qt Neem Oil, 1 liter EM-1 (effective microbes), 1 gal... read more
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Pheromone Wing Trap
Pheromone Wing TrapOrchard Pest Management
8574 Disposable or re-useable “wing” trap to attract and trap insects on trap’s sticky bottom. Use with codling moth lure (sold separately) for... read more
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Apple Maggot Lure
Apple Maggot LureOrchard Pest Management
8568 Apple essence lure for use with red ball traps. Works up to 12 weeks to attract apple maggot flies. Nat’l List

Hang the red ball traps in the

... read more
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Codling Moth Lure
Codling Moth LureOrchard Pest Management
8580 Time-release pheromone enclosed in a special membrane. Use with pheromone wing trap. Store in refrigerator until use. Replace every 4–12 weeks.... read more
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Red Ball Trap
Red Ball TrapOrchard Pest Management
8559 Use to monitor and trap insects, including apple maggot fly and cherry fruit fly. Sturdy 3½" reusable hollow glossy red plastic ball with hook and... read more
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Stiky Stuff
Stiky StuffOrchard Pest Management
8566 All-weather adhesive used to coat red balls for monitoring and trapping insect populations. Sticky and odorless coating. To remove, scrape off as... read more
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Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®
Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®Orchard Pest Management
8556 A very sticky substance made of castor oil, natural gum resins and vegetable waxes. Apply around tree trunks to prevent climbing insects from... read more
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Yellow Sticky Strips
Yellow Sticky StripsOrchard Pest Management
8583 Use as is for monitoring pests such as aphids, cucumber beetles, fungus gnats, corn root worms or whiteflies. Use with ammonium bait enhancers to... read more
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Ammonium Bait Enhancer
Ammonium Bait EnhancerOrchard Pest Management
8586 Hang with yellow sticky strips to lure maggot flies, insects of the Rhagoletis genus. Lure has a 1–2 week field-life. Nat’l List read more
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Replacement Sticky Bottom for Wing Trap
Replacement Sticky Bottom for Wing TrapOrchard Pest Management
8577 A square replacement bottom, sticky on one side, for use in wing traps. Remove old insect-covered bottom and fit in new one. read more
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The Backyard Orchardist: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home Garden
The Backyard Orchardist: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home GardenBook
9365 by Stella Otto, 2nd edition, 320 pages, 6x9, softcover. An in-depth easy-to-read guide for novice and experienced backyard orchardists. First... read more
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Pest Controls
8682 Spinosad is a mixture of spinosyn A and D metabolites produced during fermentation by Saccharopolyspora spinosa, an actinomycete (fungus-like)... read more
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Karanja Oil
Karanja OilFertilizer
8593 Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja have convinced us to bring back... read more
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Neem Oil
Neem OilFertilizer
8592 Promotes the health and vitality of trees and plants. Neem has long been recognized for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic... read more
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