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Bird-X® Orchard Netting
8862 Throw over trees or bushes and fasten to protect fruit or berries from birds, deer and possibly coons. Strong and durable black polypropylene ⅝"... read more
Deer-X® Protective Fencing
8865 Use as temporary fencing to protect plantings and fruit crops from deer, birds and other pests. Strong and durable black polypropylene ⅝" mesh... read more
Hemp Twine
8867 Waxed hemp twine. Cut down vines along with the twine and compost the whole tangle. Promote the rediscovery of hemp as a great fiber plant at the... read more
Poly Garden Twine
8868 Strong cheap multipurpose white poly garden twine. 6300' of sheer usefulness in a cardboard box with handy belt slots so you can wear it instead... read more


Biodegradable Tomato Clips
8886 Easy to use and even easier to dispose of! Use these ⅞" (internal diameter) clips made of non-GMO cornstarch, to attach tomatoes (or cucumbers, or... read more