Barley - Organic


Barley - Organic

Hordeum vulgare Annual spring grain. Up to 3' high. Moderately frost-hardy. A 6-row barley with medium-tall straw and moderate Fusarium resistance. Tolerates drought and alkaline or heavy soils. Does not tolerate wet or acidic soils. May be planted later than other spring-sown small grains and maintain good yields.

The earliest evidence of domesticated barley comes from Neolithic sites in modern-day Syria; by 4200 BCE it had reached Finland.

Seed from early May to mid-June at 100# per acre, 3#/1000 per sq ft.

As food grain: Suitable for malting—a local home brewer told us “when brewed with Cascade hops from Fedco Trees, it made excellent ale.”

As feed grain: More reliable in Maine’s climate than corn or wheat, with nearly as much feed value, and better feed value than oats.

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