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Bat House
Bat HousePest Control
8553 Sturdy rustic bat house made of pine and white cedar comes fully assembled and ready to mount. Made in Maine and designed according to the latest... read more
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Bird-Scaring Balloon
Bird-Scaring BalloonPest Control
8544 Invented and widely used in Japan, this balloon has multi-colored stripes around a menacing metallic eye. Successfully tested against some of... read more
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Bird-Scaring Balloon and Birdscare Flash Tape® Combo
Bird-Scaring Balloon and Birdscare Flash Tape® ComboPest Control
8550 Keep the birds off balance with a combination of balloon and tape. read more
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Birdscare Flash Tape®
Birdscare Flash Tape®Pest Control
8547 Silver and red metallized 7/16"x290' plastic tape is a cost-effective method to protect crops against bird damage. Suspend tape in a loose spiral... read more
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Deer Stopper®
Deer Stopper®Pest Control
8655 Prevents damage by coating leaves and fruit, making them unpleasant to the deer. A mixture of rotten eggs and essential oils, it works by a... read more
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MoleMax® Mole & Vole Repellent
MoleMax® Mole & Vole RepellentPest Control
8656 10% castor oil in a base of fuller’s earth. Whether you have moles tunneling in your lawn, groundhogs eating their way through your vegetable... read more
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8634 Supplies beneficial bacteria Streptomyces lydicus, which will colonize the roots or foliage of plants and provide protection against disease and... read more
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Badge® X2
Badge® X2Fungicide
8613 An improved copper fungicide with lower total copper but better bioavailability and lower application rates than Champ WG (which it replaces), for... read more
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Bonide® Liquid Copper Concentrate
Bonide® Liquid Copper ConcentrateFungicide
8604 A copper fungicide for the home gardener. Copper is a very effective fungicide, but regular use may result in problematic concentrations of copper... read more
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Champ WG
Champ WGclearance
8610 (77% copper hydroxide Cu(OH)2, 50% metallic copper equivalent) Use only for specific problems after all other attempts have failed. Copper... read more
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Companion® WP
Companion® WPFungicide
8638 When Serenade® discontinued their wettable powder formulation, we were pleased to find this substitute from Growth® Products. Companion offers the... read more
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Cueva® Copper Concentrate
Cueva® Copper ConcentrateFungicide
8607 (10% copper octanoate, Cu8H16O2, 1.8% metallic copper equivalent) A soluble copper fertilizer combined with a fatty acid that controls most fungal... read more
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Micronized Sulfur
Micronized SulfurFungicide
8616 Used to control scab, powdery mildew and leafspot. Sulfur is not water soluble; the smaller the particle the better it stays in suspension. These... read more
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8595 A potassium bicarbonate formulation to prevent powdery mildew, Alternaria blight, Anthracnose, black spot, Botrytis blight, Cercospora leaf spot,... read more
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8625 Put invasive plants to good use! Regalia’s active ingredient is extract of giant knotweed, an aggressive plant invader in many countries around... read more
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RootShield® Home & Garden
RootShield® Home & GardenFungicide
8628 Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22 in a formulation for home-garden use. Trichoderma spp. are free-living fungi, common in soil and on roots, that... read more
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RootShield® Plus WP
RootShield® Plus WPFungicide
8631 Two strains of Trichoderma: T. harzianum strain T-22, and T. virens strain G-41. Protects roots against pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and many... read more
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Safer® Garden Fungicide
Safer® Garden FungicideFungicide
8619 A liquid concentrate for home gardens, 12% elemental sulfur, a natural fungicide. Use for control of leaf spot, rust and powdery mildew on house... read more
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8637 A bacterial fungicide, Bacillus subtilis, effective on a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases of vegetable and fruit crops, such as early... read more
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8601 29% potassium silicate, controls fungal diseases and various insect pests including spider mites, aphids and whiteflies. Apply in concentrations... read more
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THAT™ Liquid Sulfur
THAT™ Liquid SulfurFungicide
8622 (52% S) Takes the prize for Most Infuriating Product Name—try asking the warehouse crew “Have you seen the THAT?” or “Do we have any THAT... read more
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8659 Make your garden hyper-local by fighting insects with this Maine-made triple-action MOFGA-approved pesticide. Capsaicin (from habaneros) and... read more
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8660 Azadirachtins A & B derived from neem oil. AzaMax is more processed than Neem Oil, but this liquid mixes more easily and isregistered as a... read more
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DiPel® DF
DiPel® DFInsecticide
8676 Dry flowable wettable powder. Commercial strength Bt, approx 32,000 IU/mg. Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki is the active ingredient;... read more
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8682 Spinosad is a mixture of spinosyn A and D metabolites produced during fermentation by Saccharopolyspora spinosa, an actinomycete (fungus-like)... read more
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Garlic Barrier®
Garlic Barrier®Insecticide
8658 99.3% garlic juice—just mix with water or oil and spray to repel insects such as ants, aphids, grasshoppers, spiders, spider mites, thrips and... read more
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Milky Spore
Milky SporeInsecticide
8670 Works on Japanese Beetle grubs—not the adults—so results are noticeable only over the long term. The active ingredient is spores of the bacterium ... read more
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Monterey Garden Insect Spray
Monterey Garden Insect SprayInsecticide
8685 Spinosad is a mixture of spinosyn A and D metabolites produced during fermentation by Saccharopolyspora spinosa, an actinomycete (fungus-like)... read more
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Mycotrol® WPO
Mycotrol® WPOInsecticide
8674 The latest version of Beauveria bassiana, this time in a wettable powder formulation. The original Mycotrol was labeled for Colorado Potato Beetle;... read more
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8688 Pyrethrin is a botanical insecticide derived from a chrysanthemum, Tanacetum cinerariaefolium, grown in Kenya and Tasmania, with low toxicity for... read more
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Safer® Caterpillar Killer
Safer® Caterpillar KillerInsecticide
8679 Liquid concentrate Bt. Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki is the active ingredient; effective on cabbage worm, cabbage looper, larvae of... read more
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Safer® Insecticidal Soap
Safer® Insecticidal SoapInsecticide
8661 Biodegradable contact insecticide effectively controls mites, aphids, earwigs, lace bugs, leafhoppers, mealybugs, scale, spider mites, thrips,... read more
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8664 A blend of iron phosphate, a naturally occurring soil mineral, and snail and slug bait. Many species of snails and slugs are attracted to the... read more
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Sluggo® Plus
Sluggo® PlusInsecticide
8667 The addition of a small amount of spinosad (0.07%) greatly increases the effectiveness and scope of Sluggo. Apply evenly ½–1# per 1000 sq ft to... read more
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Stylet Oil
Stylet OilInsecticide
8643 High-grade mineral oil for control of powdery mildew, scale, mites and other insects on trees and vegetables. Use as a dormant or summer oil.... read more
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Surround® WP Crop Protectant
Surround® WP Crop ProtectantInsecticide
8652 Crop protectant is 95% kaolin clay, but this ain’t your mama’s pottery-grade kaolin. It undergoes a patented process of centrifuging and filtering... read more
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Orchard Pest Management
Ammonium Bait Enhancer
Ammonium Bait EnhancerOrchard Pest Management
8586 Hang with yellow sticky strips to lure maggot flies, insects of the Rhagoletis genus. Lure has a 1–2 week field-life. Nat’l List read more
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Apple Maggot Lure
Apple Maggot LureOrchard Pest Management
8568 Apple essence lure for use with red ball traps. Works up to 12 weeks to attract apple maggot flies. Nat’l List

Hang the red ball traps in the

... read more
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Apple Pest Kit
Apple Pest KitOrchard Pest Management
8571 Six red ball traps, apple maggot lure and a jar of Stiky Stuff. Provides pest monitoring for up to 6 trees or pest control for 1–3 trees. read more
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Codling Moth Lure
Codling Moth LureOrchard Pest Management
8580 Time-release pheromone enclosed in a special membrane. Use with pheromone wing trap. Store in refrigerator until use. Replace every 4–12 weeks.... read more
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Holistic Orchard Spray Kit
Holistic Orchard Spray KitOrchard Pest Management
8590 To promote the health of your home orchard, this kit contains: 1 gal Fish Hydrolysate, 1 qt Neem Oil, 1 liter EM-1 (effective microbes), 1 gal... read more
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Pheromone Wing Trap
Pheromone Wing TrapOrchard Pest Management
8574 Disposable or re-useable “wing” trap to attract and trap insects on trap’s sticky bottom. Use with codling moth lure (sold separately) for... read more
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Red Ball Trap
Red Ball TrapOrchard Pest Management
8559 Use to monitor and trap insects, including apple maggot fly and cherry fruit fly. Sturdy 3½" reusable hollow glossy red plastic ball with hook and... read more
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Replacement Sticky Bottom for Wing Trap
Replacement Sticky Bottom for Wing TrapOrchard Pest Management
8577 A square replacement bottom, sticky on one side, for use in wing traps. Remove old insect-covered bottom and fit in new one. read more
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Stiky Stuff
Stiky StuffOrchard Pest Management
8566 All-weather adhesive used to coat red balls for monitoring and trapping insect populations. Sticky and odorless coating. To remove, scrape off as... read more
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Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®
Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier®Orchard Pest Management
8556 A very sticky substance made of castor oil, natural gum resins and vegetable waxes. Apply around tree trunks to prevent climbing insects from... read more
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Yellow Sticky Strips
Yellow Sticky StripsOrchard Pest Management
8583 Use as is for monitoring pests such as aphids, cucumber beetles, fungus gnats, corn root worms or whiteflies. Use with ammonium bait enhancers to... read more
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Pest Controls
Bug Baffler Ankle Guards
Bug Baffler Ankle GuardsPest Control
9282 No need to wear your pants tucked into your socks—mesh ankle guards have stretch knit band at the ankle and elastic band at the calf to keep ticks... read more
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Bug Baffler Headnet
Bug Baffler HeadnetPest Control
9279 What is the one sure sign that spring is really here and it’s time to set out the transplants? Blackflies. Slip on this headnet and work in... read more
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Bug Baffler Pants
Bug Baffler Pantsout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
9307 Mesh nylon pants have elastic waist with snap adjustments to take up the slack and stretch knit cuffs. For those days when it’s too hot to wear... read more
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Bug Baffler Shirt
Bug Baffler Shirtout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
9273 Generously cut one-piece garment with permanently attached roomy headnet has zipper across the front neck seam for access to your face. Headnet is... read more
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Nu Film® P
Nu Film® PSticker-Spreader
8649 Spreader-stickers increase the life and effectiveness of pesticide applications. Forms a sticky elastic film that holds the application in contact... read more
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ThermX™ 70
ThermX™ 70Sticker-Spreader
8646 A wetting agent and spreader-sticker, made from a liquid concentrate of 70% yucca solids. Use as a soil penetrant to help plants make the most of... read more
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