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Bird-X® Orchard Netting
Bird-X® Orchard NettingFabric
8775 Throw over trees or bushes and fasten to protect fruit or berries from birds, deer and possibly coons. Strong and durable black polypropylene mesh... read more
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Deer-X® Protective Fencing
Deer-X® Protective FencingFabric
8778 Use as temporary fencing to protect plantings and fruit crops from deer, birds and other pests. Same durable black polypropylene 5/8" mesh with UV... read more
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Earth Staples
Earth StaplesFabric
8823 The garden is full of rocks except when you need some to anchor the row cover. 6" steel wire staples neatly hold down landscape fabrics of all... read more
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Galvanized Wire Hoops
Galvanized Wire HoopsFabric
8820 For building tunnels with slitted plastic or other row covers. Most effective if spaced every 5' or less. “Hoops” are shipped as straight 74"... read more
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Insect Netting
Insect Nettingout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8781 Extremely lightweight insect netting, 25g/sq meter, 0.35mm x 0.35mm openings, small enough to protect plants from flea beetles. Doesn’t retain... read more
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Poly Garden Twine
Poly Garden TwineFabric
8794 Strong cheap multipurpose white poly garden twine. 6300' of sheer usefulness in a cardboard box with handy belt slots so you can wear it instead... read more
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ProtekNetout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8787 Lightweight strong row cover protects plants from insect, bird and deer damage. Provides many years of service. Two weights to chose from:... read more
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Trellis Plus
Trellis PlusFabric
8772 7" reach-through nylon mesh with a strand strength of 60# for tomatoes, climbing beans, peas, cucumbers and luffas. Weave a strand of fence wire... read more
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8799 Sturdy dark brown paper provides a biodegradable mulch and weed barrier made from cellulose fibers. Porous enough to allow water penetration.... read more
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Woven Ground Cover
Woven Ground CoverFabric
8800 Thick commercial-grade 4.75 oz fabric that blocks stubborn weeds (like quackgrass and dandelions) that won’t be stopped by organic mulches, but is... read more
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Season Extenders
Agribon+™ AG-19 Row Cover
Agribon+™ AG-19 Row CoverSeason Extender
8814 “The ultimate floating row cover.” Think of row covers first when seeking pest protection. Protects crops from flea beetles, cabbage worms, potato... read more
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Clear Slitted Plastic Row Cover
Clear Slitted Plastic Row CoverSeason Extender
8817 Place over wire hoops to form small tunnels, creating a greenhouse environment to promote the growth of heat-loving plants. Self-venting on hot... read more
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Dupont 5131 Row Coverout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8812 Spunbonded polypropylene is very durable, yet will still let in light and water. Provides deer protection for overwintered crops. Used... read more
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Embossed Black Plastic Mulch
Embossed Black Plastic MulchSeason Extender
8808 Good all-purpose plastic mulch for cool-weather areas. Excellent weed suppression. Increases soil temperatures by several degrees. Put down a few... read more
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IRT 100 Mulch
IRT 100 MulchSeason Extender
8811 InfraRed Transmitting plastic suppresses weeds nearly as well as black mulch and lets infrared light through to warm the soil beneath more quickly... read more
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Silver Reflective MulchSeason Extender
8805 Light reflected off silver mulch increases photosynthesis and confuses many pest insects, including aphids, thrips, white flies, flea beetles and... read more
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White on Black Plastic Mulch
White on Black Plastic MulchSeason Extender
8802 Upper white layer reflects sunlight back on the plants, increasing photosynthesis. Black lower layer blocks light to suppress weeds. Less solar... read more
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