Approx. 7-2-9, plus 2% Ca and 3.5% S

Magic Molly, our potato superhero, is the fastest girl in town: her jacked-up hybrid hatchback runs on our high-test organic fertilizer, formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of potatoes.

Blended in-house from fish meal, feather meal, soybean meal, sulfate of potash, dolomitic lime, pasteurized poultry manure and K-mag.

On balanced soils, apply at 5#/25 row feet, 50#/250 row feet, or 2000#/acre and work into the soil to planting depth. All inputs MOFGA

This item will ship on our regular shipping schedule, starting in early April with the warmest hardiness zones. We cannot ship this item any earlier; we regret that we cannot honor any requests to do so.

8315 Turbo-Tuber
A: 5# for $9.75
B: 50# for $72.50
C: pallet 40 bags 2000# for $1700.00 ($1400.00)
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