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Potato Collections

Potato Collection
Classic Keepers conventional
7090 Yes, we like to eat potatoes during the growing season, but most important, we must feast through the winter. This collection of 5 time-tested... read more
Potato Collection
Fantastic Fingerlings conventional
7085 A sparkling tapas plate of 3 varieties from our Moose warehouse. If you find a favorite, you can grow it next year. Sample the many colors and... read more
Potato Collection
Potato Sampler conventional
7095 Encouraged by writer Joan Dye Gussow, we’ve created a collection for those with limited space and an expansive palate. “It never ceases to amaze... read more
Potato Collection
Specialty Organics organic
7080 A well-rounded spud medley from our favorite organic growers covers the seasonal potato spectrum. We’ll choose 5 organically grown varieties to... read more