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Early Shipment Natascha yellow skin, yellow flesh Available for shipment in early March. A good substitute for those missing Anuschka and Augusta. You’ll be delighted by the multitude of deep yellow, perfectly smooth and amazingly blemish-free potatoes that tumble from the hills at harvest. My favorite early yellow. Excellent flavor with smooth and creamy texture. I like them boiled and buttered, but they are also really nice and creamy mashed with an immersion blender. Resistant to bruising, rhizoctonia, black leg, PVY and tuber rots. Shipped in early March, or as soon as weather permits. PVP. Conventional seed only.

7950 Early Shipment Natascha conventional
A: 2.5# for $8.00
B: 5# for $12.00
C: 20# for $35.25
($26.25 for orders over 1000#, by 3/3)**
D: 50# for $62.00
($50.75 for orders over 1000#, by 3/3)**
** Bulk prices (net, no additional discounts), when displayed, apply to orders over 1000 lbs, placed by 3/3.
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Additional Information

We are Certified Organic Handlers.

Moose Tubers, as part of Fedco Seeds, is a certified organic handler. Our organic seed is certified by USDA-approved agencies. We have copies on file of each grower’s certificate; our products are labeled accordingly and handled in ways to ensure their integrity.

The receipt with your order has our certification number and is your certificate that what you purchased is organic. Please keep it for your records.

We are handling live plant material. We sometimes have short crops and failed lots. We do occasionally substitute conventional varieties unless you note otherwise. Please see our substitution policy.