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What’s New at Moose Tubers

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Welcome to Moose Tubers! This is our 32nd year offering certified seed potatoes. We also offer onion and shallot sets, onion plants, ginger and sweet potatoes, and—NEW! this year— turmeric!

We are glad as ever to bring you the highest quality seed potatoes around. It is good work talking to growers, discussing new varieties and ultimately deciding which varieties to offer you, our faithful potato-loving customers.

This was my first season growing Lehigh and Caribou Russet, both new varieties to Moose Tubers in 2017. I was so pleased! Caribou is hands down my new favorite russet. They sized up well on our organic farm with no irrigation, and I swear they are much more flavorful than any other russet I have ever eaten. Lehigh is another new favorite. Yields were amazing with very few culls, and they’re excellent oven-roasted. I encourage you to go a little crazy and try a new variety or two this year alongside your old standbys. Maybe something pretty, like Colorado RoseNEW!—a real beaut of a root.

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If you live in the Northeast and are looking to save money on shipping, I encourage you to look into our Depot Shipping Program.

Good luck with your gardens and crops in the upcoming season. Please let us know what you think at moosetubers@fedcoseeds.com.

May your potato crop be plentiful,
Megan O’Brien
Moose Tubers coordinator