Ordering will resume for Moose Tubers when we release our 2018 catalog, in late November 2017.
Ordering will resume for Moose Tubers when we release our 2018 catalog, in late November 2017.
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Welcome to Moose Tubers! This is our 31st year offering certified seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets, ginger and sweet potatoes, and—NEW! this year—onion plants! We have some new potato varieties we’re excited for you to try, including the all-purple potato Bora Valley. We have also added some organic varieties to our early shipment option. Also, if you live in the Northeast and are looking to save money on shipping, I encourage you to look into our Depot Shipping Program

Considering this year’s catalog theme of color and food, perhaps I should explain the science of what makes a purple potato purple. But after farming through one of the hottest, driest summers on record, combined with the horrific news headlines in this uncomfortable election year, I want to write to you of things other than how the anthocyanin pigment in purple potatoes are a powerful antioxidant.

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Instead, I want to tell you that as I write this, we are having the most beautiful fall in Maine. I’m grateful to be here, to work in a field with the trees and hills surrounding and watch as the leaves change from green to fiery and metallic hues. I want to tell you that I feel so lucky to work every day with things that are alive. And about the way the frosted pasture looks grey in the early morning light when I bring my Guernsey cow back to the barn for milking. How her milk is creamy yellow in the pail. Of the satisfaction of watching my cows, just moved onto a new pasture, munch the last pink flowers off the clover, their rumens full and their round bodies glistening in the sunshine. I want to tell you how the heavy dew on a field of cabbages is luminous…

This has been a hard year in many ways for many Americans. Let’s keep trying to do things that are good and beautiful, even if for no other reason than that they are good and beautiful.

Good luck with your gardens and crops in the upcoming season. We welcome your comments and suggestions at moosetubers@fedcoseeds.com.

Happy Planting,
Megan O’Brien
Moose Tubers coordinator