Murasaki Sweet Potato


Murasaki Sweet Potato

purple skin, white flesh Ipomoea batatas

(120 days) Japanese-type sweet potato requires a longer season to mature; it may pose a challenge to northern growers, but the eating quality is unbeatable. Rich nutty flavor and high sugar content. A shoo-in for our southern customers. If you’re one of those Yankee gardeners who can’t back down from a dare (who says you can’t grow figs and artichokes in Maine?), this is the sweet for you. Well worth the extra effort.

This item will drop-ship priority mail directly to you from our supplier according to your region (please see below). If you would like to request a different shipping week than the one recommended for your region, just drop us a note as you're checking out with your order, and we will do our best to accommodate you (within reason—slips cannot be safely shipped when the weather is too cold)!

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7999 Murasaki Sweet Potato
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Additional Information

Sweet Potato Slips

Ipomoea batatas Sweet potato slips are drop-shipped directly to you from our supplier, so shipments can arrive from mid-April through late May according to your region.

Estimated sweet potato slip ship dates

Shipping schedule may change due to weather conditions or other variables. You will be notified via email when your order has shipped.

1April 15-25
2April 22-May5
3May 3-13
4May 10-20
5May 15-25
6May 20-30

When Your Sweet Potato Slips Arrive

If you can’t plant right away, put slips in a vase of water in a warm sunny location. Slips that arrive with few leaves or roots are still likely to perform well; if the slips arrive slimy and rotten, please email us with pictures.

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