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Early Shipment Option

In response to customer demand, we’re offering early shipment of seed potatoes in insulated packaging. In early March of 2018, we will ship certain varieties, Dark Red Norland organic, Natascha conventional, Red Gold conventional, Yukon Gold organic, Blue Gold organic & conventional, selected for their ability to perform quickly in caterpillar tunnels or hoophouses. (See individual descriptions for pricing.) We will also ship Ginger, Turmeric and Sweet Potatoes at this time, or as soon as weather permits.

The early potato seed can be planted under high-tunnel protection as soon as soil is warm enough to be worked. Best planted in early to mid-March, this first round of tater seeding will startle folks at the market. By early June, you could be sporting shiny baby potatoes and demanding a decent price per pound. Cultivate, irrigate, and control pests just as you would outdoor spuds. For best success, use row covers and watch out for early populations of Colorado potato beetles. Click here for more info on growing greenhouse potatoes.