Burlap Bag


Burlap Bag

Untreated, holds 50# of potatoes. Also works well in market displays: soak thoroughly to keep produce damp and cool. Jute bags are approximately 20x30". ②

For orders placed before March 10th, this item will ship on our regular shipping schedule, starting in early April with the warmest states and finishing by early May. Orders placed after March 10th will be shipped later, and in the order in which they were received. We cannot ship this item any earlier; we regret that we cannot honor any requests to do so.

Bulk prices (net, no additional discounts), apply to orders over 1000 lbs.

9331 Burlap Bag
A: 3 bags $8.50 Free Shipping
B: 30 bags (15#) $70.00
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