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Onion Plant
CopraOrdering closed for the season
7495 (104 days) F-1 hybrid. These rock-hard yellow-skinned medium-sized round onions with thin necks became the standard storage onion for commercial... read more
Gardener’s Onion Plant Medley
Onion Plant
Gardener’s Onion Plant MedleyOrdering closed for the season
7490 50 plants each of yellow, red and white varieties of onion plants: yellow Highlander, red Redwing, and white Ringmaster.

If you want an assortment

... read more
Onion Plant
HighlanderOrdering closed for the season
7500 (90 days) F-1 hybrid. Slightly flattened globes are very firm with thin necks. This extra-early sweet yellow onion is great for northern growers,... read more
Onion Plant
Red RiverOrdering closed for the season
7515 (95-105 days) F-1 hybrid. This great-tasting large globe-shaped onion has beautiful dark red skin and red and white flesh. Matures early for... read more
Onion Plant
Red ZeppelinOrdering closed for the season
7519 (100-110 days) F-1 hybrid. Beautiful dark red large round onions with purple rings throughout when allowed to fully mature. Stores up to 8 months!... read more
Onion Plant
RedwingOrdering closed for the season
7517 (116 days) F-1 hybrid. Best red storage onion for northern growers. Hard deep purple-red glossy 3-4" globes store almost as well as Copra. Very... read more
Onion Plant
RingmasterOrdering closed for the season
7520 (105 days) Open-pollinated. Big globe-shaped single-centered sweet white onions with sturdy tops. In northern areas, well-grown Ringmasters can... read more
Onion Plant
SterlingOrdering closed for the season
7540 (95 days) F-1 hybrid. Nice white bunching onion ideal for summer eating, but they’ll size up and store all right if you let them finish. Mild... read more
Onion Plant
Yellow Sweet SpanishOrdering closed for the season
7545 (100 days) Open-pollinated. A wonderful variety that makes large globe-shaped uniformly sweet bulbs. Can be grown in both long- and... read more