Bulk Pricing at Fedco

Seeds Bulk Pricing

Orders with subtotals $1,200 and above receive bulk pricing: a 20% discount. Bulk prices will automatically be applied.

Organic Growers Supply Bulk Pricing

  • Orders with subtotals $1,200 and above receive bulk pricing.
  • No deadlines for bulk pricing.
  • Repeat OGS orders qualify for bulk pricing, based on past order totals over a rolling 12-month period. If you expect to order over $1,200 retail value in a 12-month period, contact us at ogs@fedcoseeds.com for a bulk pricing list. Bulk prices apply automatically to qualified orders through our website.

So Many Ways to Save on Supplies!

Fedco is a big believer in the powers of planning and cooperation to save our customers money, and we offer many opportunities to do so:

  • Bulk Pricing: Most commercial customers and larger group orders can easily qualify for our bulk pricing program, which kicks in for Organic Grower Supply orders with a retail value of $1,200+. Bulk pricing is currently assigned on a case-by-case basis, depending on the product category. Call or write for a bulk price list.
  • Rolling Discounts: We love our repeat customers! If you have ordered at least $1,200 in products from Organic Growers Supply in the previous 12-month period, you will receive bulk pricing on your OGS order. (Does not apply to potato orders.) Questions: ogs@fedcoseeds.com
  • Early Bird Discount: Our crew gets bored sometimes in December, so we offer an extra 5% off Growers Supply orders placed before December 31 and delivered or picked up by January 13. (Does not apply to orders receiving bulk pricing.)
  • Group Ordering: Team up with your friends and neighbors to get bulk pricing! Group orders can also share a pallet to reduce shipping costs. We make it easy and painless. For instructions, see our group ordering page
  • Truck Shipping: For orders that weigh more than a few hundred pounds, shipping on a pallet instead of in a box can be very economical. See our shipping page for more info.
  • Depot Shipping: We have farms and storefronts throughout the Northeast lined up to accept pallet shipments of Growers Supply goods and seed potatoes so our customers can pick up their orders close to home at shipping costs up to 80% lower than FedEx rates. See our depot shipping page for more info.
  • Special Ordering: Many of our soil amendments are available in bulk totes or full truckloads. We can also offer very reasonable prices on items special-ordered from our suppliers if we have enough lead time and don’t need to warehouse the items for you. Contact us at ogs@fedcoseeds.com

Why did our 50 lb size shrink to 45 lb?

We’re not cheapskates—
we’re saving you money!

Last year we noticed FedEx was charging us thousands of dollars in handling fees for all our packages weighing 50 lb or more. To avoid these fees and to keep our prices as low as possible, we’ve reduced our largest bag/box size to 45 lb for any amendments we repack.

Fedco Trees Bulk Pricing

Orders with subtotals $1,200 and above receive a 20% discount. We encourage you to go in with friends and neighbors to save on shipping by submitting one regular order under one name. We cannot bundle and label items separately—you’ll sort that out yourselves.

Fedco Bulbs Bulk Pricing

Bulk Pricing is based on your order total. Orders with subtotals over $1,200 receive a 10% discount.