Uncle Fred’s Porcelain Hardneck Porcelain Garlic - Sustainably Grown

Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon This large 4–6 clove garlic saved us last year when we could not get enough of other porcelains to fill orders. Locally grown and selected for large bulbs over the past 30 years, many were nearly 3" across. Of course, Uncle Fred puts the nutrients right to ’em to get ’em that way. White outer skins, reddish-tan clove skins.

Z3-8. Eco-grown in Maine.NEW!

6231 Uncle Fred’s Porcelain - Sustainably Grown
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Additional Information

Porcelain Garlic, hardneck type

Produces 3–6 very large cloves with tight porcelain-white skins, each equivalent to two or three cloves of supermarket garlics. Excellent storage. Huge cloves are wonderful in the kitchen, and perfect for production pesto-making or baking whole.

Only 20–35 cloves per pound; Porcelains are slower to propagate than other hardnecks. Scapes form arches, curls and loose coils.

Seed Garlic

The bulb size, the skin color, the flavor, and the size and number of cloves are partly determined by genetics, and partly by cultural practices, soil and weather.

Our standard for a seed garlic bulb is a minimum 2" diameter. Every lot of garlic we ship has tested negative for garlic bloat nematode and for white rot.

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