Tulipa saxatilis Species Tulip

Tulipa saxatilis
Tulipa saxatilis Pointed lilac-pink petals with a prominent yellow base. 1–3 flowers per stem, long bright-green shiny leaves. Very easy to grow, spreads by runners. Likes hot summers, doesn’t mind rocky ground or poor soil. Native to Crete.

6–8" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z4-10, Topsize 5cm/up bulbs. Div15.

6708 Tulipa saxatilis
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Additional Information

Species Tulips

Species Tulips are the original wild tulips from the center of tulip diversity in central Asia; together with their cultivars which still have a “wild” look, they form Tulip Division 15. All our stock is nursery-propagated from commercial sources and is not collected in the wild.

Once established with good drainage, these tend to perennialize or naturalize, unlike many of the big hybrid tulips. Most are not tall, showy or formal, but they have their own halfling charms.

Descriptions and Codes

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