The Healing Garden: Herbs for Health and Wellness


The Healing Garden: Herbs for Health and Wellness

by Deb Soule, 223 pages, 7⅔x9, softcover. Maine herbalist Deb Soule has always been a favorite of Fedco customers. Twenty-nine years ago, we were so excited by the promise of her first book The Roots of Healing that we listed it in our catalog for two years before it was finally published. We’re pleased to offer this new book, a distillation of her many years of herbal relationship and service. Documented throughout with pictures by Molly Haley, this straightforward book arrives at a timely juncture for those new to working with herbs. It begins with the considerations for gathering the plants, then quite extensively covers all aspects of drying before outlining ways to make simple household medicine: teas, tinctures, tonics, flower essences and more. At the finish, 18 medicinal plants are introduced in concise vignettes. Grounded in respect for the plants, the other beings in the garden and the land, Deb has packed a lot of understanding into a beautiful presentation. Her loving intent shines through in her closing words: “May herbal remedies find their rightful place in every household and community clinic, not as commodities but as beloved friends.” -Nikos Kavanya NEW!

9614 The Healing Garden: Herbs for Health and Wellness
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