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Perennial Plants


‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony
‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony OG Ordering closed for the season
6315 Paeonia lactiflora Among the hotter pink peonies. Our grower describes this fully double variety as bubblegum in color. Much as bubblegum might... read more
‘Benjamin Franklin’ Peony
‘Benjamin Franklin’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6316 Paeonia lactiflora Like its namesake, this peony is a very hardy late bloomer. A substantial double, deep red with slight lavender tinge, this... read more
‘Bowl of Beauty’ Peony
‘Bowl of Beauty’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6317 Paeonia lactiflora Sublime bicolor “Japanese” or “anemone” flowers up to 8" wide, with pastel rose-red petals inside and soft pink outside. Large... read more
‘Duchesse de Nemours’ Peony
‘Duchesse de Nemours’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6318 Paeonia lactiflora Early for a peony, the Duchesse produces fully double 5-7" flowers with spreading outer petals completely mounded over with... read more
‘Felix Supreme’ Peony
‘Felix Supreme’ Peony OG Ordering closed for the season
6319 Paeonia lactiflora Fully double peony, described as variously as ruby red and deep red. With its light fragrance and dark green foliage, ‘Felix... read more
‘Koppius’ Peony
‘Koppius’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6320 Paeonia lactiflora Deep rich carmine to purplish-red bowl-shaped fully doubled very large flowers bloom in the middle of peony-blooming season.... read more
‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peony
‘Sarah Bernhardt’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6321 Paeonia lactiflora Fragrant flowers open light rose-pink. Matures to a more delicate pink with a slight creamy-silvery edge. Fully double flowers,... read more
Extraordinary Peony Doubles Collection OG Ordering closed for the season
6322 Paeonia lactiflora Sample three Maine-grown double peonies with a red, a pink, and a pink-turns-to-white. Our choice of three varieties,... read more