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‘The Giant’
‘The Giant’ OG Ordering closed for the season
6102 Colchicum Violet to rosy pink with a white base. 3" petals open nearly flat in bright sun and can fill in to form a cheery mat over time.


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‘Waterlily’Ordering closed for the season
6103 Colchicum Pink to mauve many-petalled fully doubled flowers in early fall really do look like waterlilies sprouting from the ground. May take a... read more
Colchicum Variety MixOrdering closed for the season
6104 Colchicum Vibrant violet, lilac, lavender and white flowers all contrast wonderfully with falling leaves in October. Each corm sends up 5-10... read more
White Colchicum
White ColchicumOrdering closed for the season
6101 Colchicum autumnale ‘Album’ Vigorous white, a bit smaller than other varieties.

4–5", Fall, Z4-9, 13cm/up. Maine Grown. MOFGA-certified organic.

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