‘Mount Tacoma’ Double Late Tulip


‘Mount Tacoma’ Double Late Tulip

Pure white. One of the fullest Double Lates and a great complement to just about anything, whether in beds, borders, vases or sconces on the wall. Double peony tulips were very fashionable in the mid-17th century, considered too flamboyant in the mid 20th, and now are enjoying a renewed popularity.

14–18" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs. Div11.

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6838 ‘Mount Tacoma’ Double
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Additional Information

Tulip Division 11

Division 11 Double Late: Fully doubled ruffled flowers, commonly called Peony tulips. Blooming Late Spring.

Whether massed or used as accents, colorful tulips are highlights of spring. Most varieties are also good for cutting, and many are good for forcing.

Tulip Division 12

Division 12 Kaufmanniana: Low-growing, wide opening; perennialize well. Also called Waterlily tulips. Very Early to Early Spring.

Descriptions and Codes

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