‘Mascara’ Asiatic Lily


‘Mascara’ Asiatic Lily

Lilium With bold color reminiscent of a juicy plum, Mascara’s silky smooth-edged burgundy petals are velvety maroon toward the center and become redder towards petal tips. Deep red-orange anthers. Partial shade will preserve color longer, but they thrive in a sunny spot as well. Lightly fragrant. 36–48" tall. NEW!

6551 ‘Mascara’
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Additional Information

Asiatic Lilies

Plant lilies in light shade, which will prolong summer blooms, or in full sun if mulched to keep the bulbs cool.

Since lily bulbs are not completely dormant when shipped, do not let them dry out before planting. Plant bulbs 6–8" deep, 6" apart in rich, well-drained slightly acid soil with good humus content.

Queens of the Perennial Border, excellent as bedding plants or cutflowers, lilies are wonderful either as individual specimens or in solid masses. Six-pointed flowers on erect unbranched stems. Asiatic lilies bear medium-sized upright or outward-facing flowers, mostly unscented. Plants 2–5' tall, with small narrow leaves. Derived from central and East Asian species including L. amabile, L. pumilum and more. Not fussy, will thrive in nearly any type of well-drained soil. The bulbs can multiply quickly.

Descriptions and Codes

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