‘La Paz’ Miniature Amaryllis


‘La Paz’ Miniature Amaryllis

Hippeastrum Spider-type with slender 5" petals. Upper petals dusky red and burgundy-streaked rose, with touches of light green. Lower petals pale green with red spots and streaks. Long luminous pale green anthers. Parentage includes Bolivian H. cybister.

Miniature produces 2–3 flower stalks nearly as tall as the Jumbos, but the 3–4 flowers per stem, at 3–4" across, are more delicate. Also less tippy!

18–24" tall, 22cm/up bulbs from Holland.
Ships in late October only. Not available for pickup.

6909 ‘La Paz’
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Additional Information


Bulbs from Peru tend to bloom earlier than those from Holland.

Originally from Central and South America, amaryllis grow outdoors in Zones 9–10. In frostier climes we plant these magnificent easy-to-grow hybrid marvels indoors and enjoy blooms during the winter.

Many people stagger their planting times to prolong the season. If you don’t plant the bulbs right away, store them in a cool dry dark place. Remove the pollen-bearing anthers for a longer bloom time and a neater tabletop. With simple care and proper soil nutrients, amaryllis can return year after year.

Amaryllis often don’t arrive here until mid-October; your entire order may be held until their arrival.

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