Italian Easy Peel Hardneck Rocambole Garlic - Sustainably Grown


Italian Easy Peel Hardneck Rocambole Garlic - Sustainably Grown

Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon The name says a lot about this fine variety originally from northern Italy, with 6–9 easy-peeling cloves. It omits mention of the strong rich flavor, with plenty of garlicky-ness yet little-to-none of a hot spicy burn. Large uniform bulbs have rounded tops and thick wrapper papers with attractive touches of purple. Stored well for our grower in northern Maine—right into May! 40–60 cloves per pound.

Z3-8. Eco-grown in Maine.

6237 Italian Easy Peel - Sustainably Grown
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Additional Information

Rocambole Garlic, hardneck type

Produces 5–13 medium-large cloves with tan, brown or reddish skins, slightly loose and relatively easy-peeling. A shorter shelf life than Porcelains, maybe because the clove skins are looser, maybe because of a slight tendency to split cloves. Generally, stores well through February, and—if really cured well and in optimal storage—can store months longer.

Scapes form tight coils. Forms 8–25 bulbils the size of peas or small marbles; skins can be tight, but bulbils are otherwise good cooking whole or smashed.

More variation in cloves per pound than other classes. Some claim this class has the finest, richest flavor.

Seed Garlic

The bulb size, the skin color, the flavor, and the size and number of cloves are partly determined by genetics, and partly by cultural practices, soil and weather.

Our standard for a seed garlic bulb is a minimum 2" diameter. Every lot of garlic we ship has tested negative both for garlic bloat nematode and for white rot.

Artichoke Garlic, softneck type

Produces a bulb with two or more rings of cloves and a soft, braidable stem with no flower scape. 50–60 cloves per pound.