Inchelium Red Softneck Artichoke Garlic - Organic


Inchelium Red Softneck Artichoke Garlic - Organic

Allium sativum subs. sativum Usually forms 2–3 inner cloves and 6–7 outer cloves, but can make a very large bulb with 4–5 rings. Inner cloves not as tiny as in supermarket garlics. White paper with reddish-purple markings.

Very good flavor, but not intense; excellent raw. Decent keeper, with good yields and good bolt-resistance. Originates from Inchelium (in-CHEE-lee-um), Washington, near the Canadian border.

Z4-9. Michigan Grown. Certified Organic.

6224 Inchelium Red - Organic
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Additional Information

Seed Garlic

The bulb size, the skin color, the flavor, and the size and number of cloves are partly determined by genetics, and partly by cultural practices, soil and weather.

Our standard for a seed garlic bulb is a minimum 2" diameter. Every lot of garlic we ship has tested negative both for garlic bloat nematode and for white rot.

Artichoke Garlic, softneck type

Produces a bulb with two or more rings of cloves and a soft, braidable stem with no flower scape. 50–60 cloves per pound.