‘Gudoshnik’ Darwin Hybrid Midseason Tulip


‘Gudoshnik’ Darwin Hybrid Midseason Tulip

Creamy yellow with varying amounts of red streaks, dapples and flames, becoming more saturated as each flower matures. No two are alike; one of Gene’s favorites and he has the artist’s eye. Impressive en masse or solo up close in the vase.

Darwin Hybrids are often sold as “Perennial Tulips” because they reliably produce flowers for many years longer than many other tall tulips. Large to very large flowers, weather resistant and long blooming.

20–28" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-7. 12cm/up bulbs. Div4.

6820 ‘Gudoshnik’ Darwin Hybrid
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Additional Information

Tulip Division 4

Division 4 Darwin Hybrid: Large long-blooming weather-resistant egg-shaped (ovoid) flowers on tall stems. Blooming Mid to Late Spring.

Whether massed or used as accents, colorful tulips are highlights of spring. Most varieties are also good for cutting.

Descriptions and Codes

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