Flash of Green Tulip Mix


Flash of Green Tulip Mix

A mix of four or more Viridiflora tulips, colors of china pink, scarlet red, lemon yellow and marble white, all with a distinctive spring-green flare on the outer petals. Sturdy stems support this long-lived, long-blooming group. Fabulous for cutting.

18–22" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs. Div 8.

6859 Flash of Green Tulip Mix
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Additional Information

Tulip Divisions

Div1 Single Early Cup-shaped long-lasting flowers. The oldest class of cultivars. Good for forcing. ES.
Div2 Double Early Semi- to fully double ruffled flowers on short sturdy stems. ES.
Div3 Triumph Cup-shaped flowers in the largest palette of colors. The best class for forcing. Foliage dies back early; easily removed or overplanted. MS.
Div4 Darwin Hybrid Large long-blooming weather-resistant ovoid flowers on tall stems. MS-LS.
Div5 Single Late Cup- or goblet-shaped flowers, includes Mayflowering, Cottage, Breeder and Darwin tulips. Tall, in a wide range of colors. LS.
Div6 Lily-flowered Pointed reflexed petals and a slender “waist.” Similar to the Ottoman tulips. LS.
Div7 Fringed A finely cut fringe on the petal edge. Also known as Crispa tulips. LS.
Div8 Viridiflora “Green Flower” tulips have a broad green flame up the outside of the petals. LS.
Div9 Rembrandt Broken colors; all modern cultivars also belong to another class based on their shape.
Div10 Parrot Feathered, curled, twisted petal edges. The bud is said to resemble a parrot’s beak. MS-LS.
Div11 Double Late Fully doubled ruffled flowers, commonly called Peony tulips. LS.
Div12 Kaufmanniana Low-growing, wide opening; perennialize well. Also called Waterlily tulips. VE-ES.
Div13 Fosteriana Large single flowers with long petals in rich vivid colors. Reasonably long-lived, good for forcing. Also called Emperor tulips. ES.
Div14 Greigii Large blooms, short stems; perennialize well. Foliage is streaked or mottled burgundy. ES.
Div15 Species Wild types and their cultivars.

At the end of each description are approximate height at flowering time, relative bloom time (VE, very early spring; ES, early spring; MS, mid-spring; LS, late spring), USDA hardiness zones, bulb size, and Tulip Division number.

Descriptions and Codes

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