‘Esperanto’ Viridiflora Late Tulip


‘Esperanto’ Viridiflora Late Tulip

Red petals with flaming green midribs that appear almost chocolate in bright light. Leaves edged white. Long-lasting cutflower is especially rewarding for its complexity and dramatic color when studied up close. If only the language created to bring people together had had the success of this vivid, outstanding Viridiflora.

12–14" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs. Div8.

6833 ‘Esperanto’ Viridiflora
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Additional Information

Tulip Division 8

Division 8 Viridiflora: “Green Flower” tulips have a broad green flame up the outside of the petals. Blooming Late Spring

Whether massed or used as accents, colorful tulips are highlights of spring. Most varieties are also good for cutting, and many Viridifloras are long-lived.

Descriptions and Codes

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