Colchicum Variety Mix


Colchicum Variety Mix

Colchicum Vibrant violet, lilac, lavender and white flowers all contrast wonderfully with falling leaves in October. Each corm sends up 5-10 flowerstalks so you can expect well over two weeks of blooms from each plant year after year. Included in this mix are The Giant, Lilac Wonder, Waterlily, C. autumnale ‘Album’, and possibly others.

4–12" tall. Fall blooming, Z4-9. Topsize bulbs by variety.
Ships early September only. Last date to order this item is Friday, August 14.

6104 Colchicum Variety Mix
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In early fall, the large bulb-like corms send up cup- or goblet-shaped crocus-like 4–8" flowers, up to five per stem, in shades pastel to vibrant. Glossy broad 8–12" leaves emerge in spring to feed the corms, then die back two months before autumn’s naked bloom.

Only distantly related to crocus, Colchicum’s common names Autumn Crocus and Meadow Saffron would lead you to think otherwise. (But don’t be fooled—it’s toxic. Real saffron crocus offered here). Other common names of Naked Boys, Naked Girls or Naked Ladies are more illustrative; in September, flower stalks emerge from the ground, months after the leaves died back.

Plant the base 5" deep in fertile, well-drained soil soon after you get them. Grows well in full sun or partial shade.

Native to western Asia and parts of the Mediterranean; many named varieties were selected by Zocher & Co in Holland in the early 1900s.