Chesnok Red Hardneck Purple Stripe Garlic - Sustainably Grown


Chesnok Red Hardneck Purple Stripe Garlic - Sustainably Grown

Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Also known as Shvelisi, the name of the village in the Republic of Georgia where it was collected in the ’80s. Excellent for baking, though the flavor is also perfect either chopped into a stir-fry or raw in a vinaigrette.

Z3-8 Eco-grown in Maine.

6233 Chesnok Red - Sustainably Grown
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Additional Information

Purple Stripe Garlic, hardneck type

Hails from the harsh climate of central Asia and is the closest to the wild garlic ancestors. Genetic research shows the Purple Stripe group is the basis of all other types.

Tightly wrapped cloves with long tips, 6–14 per bulb. Skins of both bulbs and cloves are striped in purple. Cloves usually form a single layer around the hard center stalk, though very large bulbs may have inner cloves.

Scapes coil vigorously, form small bulbils. 50–60 cloves per pound.

Seed Garlic

The bulb size, the skin color, the flavor, and the size and number of cloves are partly determined by genetics, and partly by cultural practices, soil and weather.

Our standard for a seed garlic bulb is a minimum 2" diameter. Every lot of garlic we ship has tested negative both for garlic bloat nematode and for white rot.

Artichoke Garlic, softneck type

Produces a bulb with two or more rings of cloves and a soft, braidable stem with no flower scape. 50–60 cloves per pound.