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Highbush Blueberries
BluecropHighbush Blueberry
345 Early-Midseason. 4–6'. Medium-sized firm subacid fruit; very light blue berries of high dessert quality,... read more
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BluerayHighbush Blueberry
346 Early-Mid. 4-6'. Large firm dark blue berries of high dessert quality in small clusters. Considered the best-tasting... read more
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ElizabethHighbush Blueberry
347 Mid-Late. 5-6'. Friend and avid fruit grower Dan Kennedy of Searsmont, ME, grows 17 different varieties of highbush... read more
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ElliottHighbush Blueberry
348 Very Late. 4-6'. A real season-extender. Considered the latest of all varieties, Elliott ripens two weeks after... read more
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JerseyHighbush Blueberry
349 Mid-Late. 5-7'. The beloved old standard of blueberry introductions to which new varieties are compared. Medium-to-large... read more
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MeaderHighbush Blueberry
350 Early-Mid. 5-7'. Medium-large medium-blue fruit with excellent flavor. Sweet with a hint of acid. Vigorous upright... read more
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NelsonHighbush Blueberry
351 Late. 5-6'. Firm large dark blue berries in loose clusters taste great, similar to Bluecrop. Particularly vibrant... read more
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PatriotHighbush Blueberry
352 Early-Mid. 4'. Partial lowbush parentage. Large firm berries with excellent flavor. Productive berry will fill... read more
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RekaHighbush Blueberry
353 Early. 4–6'. Flavorful medium-sized slightly tart berries. Higher productivity at a younger age than most... read more
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St. Cloud
St. CloudHighbush Blueberry
354 Early-Mid. 4'. Lowbush-highbush hybrid with firm dark blue medium-large highly flavorful sweet fruit. We’re... read more
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Lowbush Blueberries
Lowbush Blueberry Seedlings
Lowbush Blueberry SeedlingsLowbush Blueberry
343 6-24" and spreading. Blueberry growers in Maine usually don’t bother with the “lowbush” distinction;... read more
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Lowbush Blueberry Sod SquaresLowbush Blueberry
344 6-24" and spreading. Blueberry growers in Maine usually don’t bother with the “lowbush” distinction;... read more
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