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The Trees division is not currently accepting orders.
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Bluegold Bluegold Blueberry
328   Mid-Late. 4-5' [Blue Haven x (Ashworth x Bluecrop)] USDA, 1989. Highly productive and flavorful. Firm medium-large... read more
Blueray Blueray Blueberry
329   Early-Mid. 4-6' (GM 37 x CU-5) USDA, NJ, 1955. Large firm dark blue berries of high dessert quality in small clusters.... read more
Chippewa Chippewa Blueberry
330   Early-Mid. 3-4' (MN 393 [B18A (G65 x Ashworth) x US3 (Dixi x Michigan Lowbush No. 1)]) U Minn, 1996. Lowbush-highbush... read more
Duke Duke Blueberry
331   Early. 4-6' [G-100 (Ivanhoe x Earliblue) x 192-8 (E-30 x E-11)] USDA, NJ, 1987. Recent release considered a big... read more
Elizabeth Elizabeth Blueberry
332   Mid-Late. 5-6'. Introduced in 1966 by Elizabeth White of New Jersey who found numerous heavy-fruiting strains from... read more
Elliott Elliott Blueberry
333   Very Late. 4-6' (Burlington x [Dixi x (Jersey x Pioneer)]) USDA, 1974. A real season-extender. Considered the latest... read more
Jersey Jersey Blueberry
334   Mid-Late. 5-7' (Rubel x Grover) USDA, 1928. The beloved old standard of blueberry introductions to which new varieties... read more
Lowbush Blueberry Lowbush Blueberry sold out for orders received after February 14
L 327   Vaccinium angustifolium 6-24" and spreading. Blueberry growers in Maine usually don’t bother... read more
Meader Meader Blueberry
335   Early-Mid. 5-7'. Elwyn Meader intro, Univ of NH Ag Exp Stn, Durham, NH, 1971. Medium-large, medium-blue fruit with... read more
Nelson Nelson Blueberry
336   Late. 5-6' [(Bluecrop x G-107) (F-72 x Berkeley)] USDA, NJ, 1989. Firm large dark blue berries in loose clusters... read more
Patriot Patriot Blueberry
337   Early-Mid. 4' (US3 [(Dixie x Michigan LB-1) x Earliblue]) U Maine, 1976. Partial lowbush parentage. Adaptable to... read more
Polaris Polaris Blueberry
338   Early-Mid. 4x4' (MN408 [(G-65 x Ashworth) x Bluetta)]) U Minn, 1996. Aromatic light blue medium-sized fruit is... read more
Found 12 items.