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The Seeds division is not currently accepting orders.
Joi Choi
3273JC Joi Choi Pac Choi (50 days) F-1 hybrid. Why did we offer yet another pac choy, an F-1 hybrid at that, when we already had the wonderful Prize Choy? Because Joi Choi is different. Its leaves are much darker green than Prize Choy's, it is more uniform, a quality valued by market growers, and above all, its basal stem is almost double the thickness of Prize Choy's. Trialer Adam Tomash prefers it to all other varieties because that basal thickness makes Joi so succulent. Suitable both for summer and fall crops, though much less likely to bolt in the fall. Do not disturb the roots when transplanting and space 1' apart.
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Additional Information

Asian Greens

Brassica spp. All Asian greens are open-pollinated except where noted.

Pac Choy

Brassica rapa (chinensis group) 1/16 oz packet sows 30 ft, approx 12,500 seeds per oz. Also known as Bok Choy. Pac choy and carrots are among the best sources of beta carotene. We trialed baby pac choy in 2011 and found that our present selections #3260 and #3264 are as good as any.

Brassica Pests

Major pests: Cabbage Looper, Diamondback Moth, Imported Cabbageworm
Cultural controls: control cruciferous weeds near crop fields, till-under crop debris of early-season brassicas after harvest.
Materials: Spinosad (8922-4), Bt (8902).

Pest: Flea Beetle
Cultural controls: floating row covers (9101), mulch with straw, time plantings for fall harvested crops only, crop rotation, perimeter trap cropping.
Materials: Spinosad (8922-4), Pyganic (8925), Capsaicin (Bugitol 8890).

Pest: Cabbage Root Maggot
Cultural controls: time planting to avoid first hatching, use row covers, control weeds.
Material: Nematodes (8941-3).

Major diseases: Black Rot, Alternaria Leaf Spot, Blackleg, Club Root, Downy Milldew, White Mold
Cultural controls: avoid transplanting plants with yellow leaves or v-shaped lesions, crop rotation, destroy crop debris after harvest, avoid overhead irrigation, control weeds, allow for good air movement.
Materials: Actinovate (8851), copper compounds (8861-3) may help for some of these diseases.

Disease: Head Rot
Cultural controls: use well-domed varieties, harvest heads when tight, cut stalks at an angle.
Material: copper