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We are no longer accepting orders this season.
Internet ordering will resume when we release our 2015 catalog, in December 2014.
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Greencrop Bush Green Bean
214GC Greencrop Bush Green Bean (53 days) Open-pollinated. An early flat-podded Romano type especially adapted to the North. Pods can grow up to 8" long while still retaining good quality. Bred by Albert F. Yaeger and Elwyn Meader at the University of New Hampshire. 1957 AAS. White seed. Tolerant to CBMV.
Item Discounted
A=2oz for $1.40  
B=8oz for $3.80  
C=1lb for $6.00  
D=5lb for $20.00  
E=10lb for $33.00  
K=25lb for $75.00  
L=50lb for $140.00   ($126.00)

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