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The Seeds division is not currently accepting orders.
Scarlet Nantes
2042SN Scarlet Nantes Carrot (68 days) This old-time favorite Nantes variety with bright orange roots averaging 6–7" proves that good quality is not always expensive. Sweet with a small dark core. Received a high overall score in the 2005 Oregon State University trials. Has been our best-selling carrot in recent years.
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Daucus carota Per capita consumption of carrots has tripled since 1975 to 12 lb annually. Carrots average 18,000 seeds/oz with significant variations among varieties. Very hardy. Early carrots can be sown by late April. Can take up to 3 weeks to germinate; keep rows from drying out for faster emergence. Sow carrots for winter storage in mid-late June. Thinning is critical: At 3" high thin to 1/2" apart, at 6" thin again to 1" apart.

Pelleted carrot seed? Not this year. Two factors are holding us back: 1) Insufficient sales. 13 lb is the minimum lot we can pellet economically. We sell only 17 lb of Mokum, our best-selling hybrid. 2) Pelleting reduces the length of seed viability. Pelleted seed should be sowed the same year as purchased. For our future consideration: Send a note or comment accompanying your order and let us know which varieties and how many pellets you’d purchase if we carried them.

Minimal germination temperature 40°, optimal range 60–85°, optimal temperature 80°, emergence takes 17 days at 50°, 10 days at 59°, 6 days at 77°, 48% normal seedlings at 41°, 96% normal at 68°. 1/8 oz packet sows 35 ft; 1 oz 280 ft.; 1 gram packet sows about 10 ft.