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Squisito Winter Squash OG
1615SO Squisito Winter Squash OG (87 days) Open-pollinated. I groaned when Nikos handed me packets of spaghetti squash to trial. Normally I disdain this stringy genre, having long believed it was nothing more than a breeding disaster cleverly rescued by a public relations campaign. But whatever Minnesota breeder Elvin Martin saw in these early-maturing 4 lb deep-gold oblong fruits, I see too. Martin doesn’t recall what squash he started with, but he liked it and has been selecting it for “at least six” years. Approaching it with great skepticism, I found it wonderfully sweet and ended up eating the larger half in one sitting. Unprecedented! Nikos named it Squisito (skwee-ZEE-toh), Italian for ‘yummy.’ Some variation has crept into this exquisite squash. The new offspring are beautiful, diverse in color, some with green markings, some with yellow and some looking like a typical spaghetti squash. All made great eating for Roberta, Heron and Nikos in this year’s taste test. 2009. MOFGA-certified.
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