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We Love to Hear from You

and often respond to your order comments, emails and letters. Your ideas and suggestions stimulate our thinking and help us to improve our catalogs, products and service. Here are more ways you can help us:

Suggest new varieties.
Help us fill missing niches.
Tell us how we can improve service.
Become a trial gardener. We are interested in experienced successful gardeners with good record-keeping skills. We discourage organic purists because often we get fungicide-treated trial packets from suppliers. We give preference to trialers from Maine and other cold-climate states who can test varieties in the growing conditions of the primary region we serve. For 2014 we need trialers of annual and perennial flowers, radishes, beets and melons.

Send us seed of an heirloom variety which you revere or think has commercial potential.
Send us old seed catalogs, farm books or classic references (pre-1960, please).

For more details click on the Catalog Corner link on the left. We have also published information about seed saving and our quality-control program there.

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