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9395 The Ecology of Care: Medicine, Agriculture, Money, and the Quiet Power of Human and Microbial Communities by Didi Pershouse, 301 pages, 6x9, softcover. Living a comfortable middle-class lifestyle based on easy credit as an acupuncturist in rural Vermont, with family antecedents in reductionist medical professions (her great-grandfather was a pioneer radiologist, her grandfather an eminent neurosurgeon who helped popularize the lobotomy as a “cure” for mental illness in the ’40s and ’50s), Pershouse was an unlikely candidate ever to write this book. Then the Great Recession hit, disrupting her economy and transforming her life. A simple decision to move her clinic into her home reshaped her practice, pointing it in unanticipated wholistic directions. Her journey underway, Pershouse came to realize the parallels between agricultural monoculture and modern medical monoculture and how each has been fueled by greed and brought about an extinction of knowledge. She began to make connections about how our medical system contributes to climate change, how the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for a two-thousand fold increase in alleged cases of mental illness caused by depression. Deep and thought provoking, this book reveals what Pershouse learned and what she is doing about it in her own life. -CRLawn NEW!
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Looking for a title listed recently but not this year? Occasionally we have stray copies left that we will sell at a discount. Contact us with specific title requests. Reviews written by Aktan Askin, Roberta Bailey, Elisabeth Benjamin, Heron Breen, John Bunker, Holli Cederholm, Nikos Kavanya, Susan Kiralis, CR Lawn, Alice Percy, Jen Ries, John Paul Rietz and David Shipman.