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Ladbrooke Micro 20 Blocker
Ladbrooke Micro 20 Blocker Makes 20 micro-blocks per stroke in a 3x4" area. Use when your space is limited or when you want a large number of transplants. Micro-blocks are easier to warm, speeding germination, and can be inserted into 2" soil blocks to continue seedling growth.
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Additional Information

1020 Plant Trays and Domes

10-1/2x21x2-1/4" plastic trays used to start seedlings in the greenhouse. Holds a sheet of Six-packs, a Plug Flat, or at least 18 3" Jiffy Pots. When the pots are damp we cram in several more.

Ladbrooke Soil Blockers

The genuine article, made in England by Ladbrooke Ltd. The soil block system allows for easy transplanting and eliminates root spiraling.

A successful recipe for soil block mix (with thanks to Eliot Coleman):

Mix 2 10-qt. buckets peat or coir with 1/2 cup of lime and 2 cups of azomite. Add 2 buckets of sand, 2 more buckets of peat, 1 cup of phosphate, 1 cup of greensand, 1 cup of bloodmeal and 1 more cup of azomite. Mix well. Add 1 bucket of compost and 1 bucket of soil and mix again. Add water until the mixture is spongy but not soggy and start making blocks.

Locating Scythes

We recommend you contact:

Scythe Supply
496 Shore Road
Perry ME 04667

They have a complete line of kits, snaths, blades and good advice.