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Dutch White Clover
Dutch White Clover Trifolium repens Ideal perennial for use in garden paths where it suppresses weeds, keeps soil friable and stores nitrogen in its roots for next year’s crops. White clovers are not heavy biomass producers, an advantage for small gardeners who can keep a “living mulch” in their garden paths without requiring anything heavier than a hand scythe or lawn mower to maintain control. At 6", lower-growing than New Zealand Clover and less tolerant of heat and sun. Clover was pronounced a lawn “weed” when chemical companies started encouraging the use of broadleaf herbicides. We like clover in lawns; it looks lush and feeds nitrogen to the grasses. Our most popular clover. Seed at 6-14#/acre, 1/4#/1000 sq ft.
Item Discounted
8331: (0.5#) $5.00
8332: (2#) $14.00
8333: (10#) $60.00
8334: (50#) $250.00 ($237.50)

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