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Fedco Organic Growers Supply quick order directions.

This form is for orders from the Organic Growers Supply catalog only (Items 8000-9999).
(these directions move to the bottom of the page once you log-in.)
  1. Log-in using your e-mail address and zipcode.
  2. Enter your order, up to 10 items at a time (you can do this repeatedly).
    • Item numbers (you can skip the two letter code—we'll add it.)
    • How many (Qty) you want.
  3. Click “Check Entries” when you’re done. Look carefully at the “Total” and “Comments/Status” fields. Pay particular attention to any item in red. Items with a “Total” of zero ($0.00) will not be added to your order.
  4. Click “Add These Items To My Order” when ready, you must click “Check Entries” before you do this if you have made any changes, (the “Add These Items To My Order” button will appear once you have clicked “Check Entries”). Items with a “Total” of zero ($0.00) are dropped at this point. You must click “Add These Items To My Order” to add items to your order. At this point, the form clears, allowing you to enter more items.
  5. Check your order by clicking the “View Order” button.
  6. Proceed to “Checkout” when done. You will be able to view and edit your order during checkout.