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We are no longer accepting orders this season.
Online ordering will resume when we release our 2015 catalog, in November 2014.
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Kerr’s Pink pink skin, light yellow flesh Although this spud masquerades as an Irish Potato, it was born in Cornhill, Scotland, in 1907. Produces a heavy set of roundish tubers with beige skin overlaid with pink, and darker pink around the eyes. The Irish Potato Census reports that Kerr’s Pink represented 25% of the potato crop in Ireland in 2002. The spuds are floury and do well mashed, boiled, steamed, buttered, or deep-fried in oil. Medium-spreading plants have white flowers. Resistant to bacterial soft rot, as well as blackleg and Potato Virus A.

   7795 Kerr's Pink
2.5# for $5.50
sold out, substitute 7700.
5# for $8.00
sold out, substitute 7700.
20# for $22.75
sold out, substitute 7700.
50# for $40.00
sold out, substitute 7700.
** Bulk prices (net, no discounts), when listed, apply to orders over 1000 lbs, placed by 2/28.

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