The Moose Tubers division is not currently accepting orders.
Ordering will resume when we release our 2015 catalog, in November 2014.
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The Moose Tubers division is not currently accepting orders.
Anuschka yellow skin, yellow flesh As the truly glamorous tend to be, Anuschka is the first in style for fresh market potatoes. First to bloom, first to set, and first of the year’s fresh potatoes to head home in the satchel of discerning market customers. With high yields, smooth yellow skin, deep yellow tender flesh, the spud lives up to the grace and elegance of its namesake, three-time German national pairs champion figure skater Anuschka Gläser. Known for reveling in the danger of her throw jumps, lift twists and death spirals, Gläser’s appearance at the Winter Olympics matches this potato’s storage ability, which holds strong despite its tender nature. Our seed is grown in Maine by new “potato diva” Sara Corey. Tubers bulk so quickly that growers may want to kill the vines to prevent excessive size. Highly resistant to scab. NEW!

7637 Anuschka
2.5# for $6.00
5# for $8.75
20# for $24.75
50# for $44.00
** Bulk prices (net, no discounts), when listed, apply to orders over 1000 lbs, placed by 2/28.