The Moose Tubers division is not currently accepting orders.
Ordering will resume when we release our 2015 catalog, in November 2014.
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The Moose Tubers division is not currently accepting orders.
Banana yellow skin, yellow flesh Nutty and waxy, Bananas are renowned for their heavy yields of giant fingers. You will spend nights dreaming of long strips of roasted bananas, simmered in the crackles and pops of the lightest olive oil, with a slight crunch of sea salt, and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Originally from the Baltic Republic, in modern markets Bananas sell for $6.50 a quart.

7610 Banana
1# for $5.50
3# for $11.00
10# for $28.25
25# for $55.00
50# for $109.00
** Bulk prices (net, no discounts), when listed, apply to orders over 1000 lbs, placed by 2/28.

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Long and thin, shaped like small fish or maybe even fingers, displaying various different skin and flesh colors, fingerlings are often prolific and disease-resistant. Though late maturing, the plants set heavily and small ones can be harvested early. Chefs, market farmers and home gardeners find these beautiful potatoes have unequaled flavor and culinary qualities.