The Moose Tubers division is not currently accepting orders.
Ordering will resume when we release our 2015 catalog, in November 2014.
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The Moose Tubers division is not currently accepting orders.
Gold Rush Russet
Gold Rush Russet OG russeted skin, white flesh Digging these big guys is always a treat; they’ll fill your crate fast! With their large size and classic russet character Gold Rush is a perfect choice for a large baking potato and fries up like a champ, too. A fine keeper, you could really pack that root cellar with these lads. Known for their resistance to hollow heart and tend to have few defects. PVP.

7265 Gold Rush Russet OG
2.5# for $9.25
5# for $15.00
20# for $47.75
50# for $100.00
** Bulk prices (net, no discounts), when listed, apply to orders over 1000 lbs, placed by 2/28.

Additional Information

PVP (Plant Variety Protected)..

PVP stands for the Plant Variety Protection Act; the variety is patented. Instituted in 1970, the PVPA allows exclusive commercial selling rights to the recipient of the protection. These intellectual property rights are qualified by four characteristics: the variety’s newness, distinctiveness, uniformity, and genetic stability. Recipients of the protection can allow select growers to reproduce stock and sell it commercially if they chose.