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Gold Rush Russet
Gold Rush Russet OG russeted skin, white flesh Digging these big guys is always a treat—they fill the crate fast! Large size and classic russet character make Gold Rush the perfect choice for a baking potato. Fries up like a champ, too. A fine keeper. Yields even in poor soils and harsh growing climates. You can plant these close together for lots of tiny baby russets, which suit certain hipster markets. Our seed is grown by sweethearts at the Thibodeau Homestead in Caribou, ME. Gold Rush Russets are known for their resistance to hollow heart and tend to have few defects.

7265 Gold Rush Russet OG
2.5# for $9.25
5# for $16.50
20# for $47.75
($38.25 for orders over 1000#, by 3/20)**
50# for $100.00
($82.75 for orders over 1000#, by 3/20)**
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