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We are no longer accepting orders this season.
Online ordering will resume when we release our 2015 catalog, in November 2014.
Download the current Fedco Moose Tubers print catalog.

Moose Tubers quick order directions.
This form is for orders from the Moose Tubers catalog only (Items 7000-7999).
(these directions move to the bottom of the page once you log-in.)
  1. Log-in using your e-mail address and zipcode.
  2. Enter your order Include:
    • Item number
    • Size: Enter a letter (A, B, C, D or E) to represent the Size (weight) of the package you’re ordering. “A” representing the first Size, “B” the second, etc.
    • How many (Qty) you want.
  3. Make sure the “Size” corresponds to the weight you plan to order. Look carefully at the “Total” and “Comments/Status” fields. Pay particular attention to any item in red. Items with a “Total” of zero ($0.00) will not be added to your order. Note: Bulk Prices are net, no discounts, for orders over 1000 lbs. and are applied (where appropriate) when you choose to "View Order" or "Checkout".
  4. Click “Add These Items To My Order” when ready. You must click “Add These Items To My Order” to add items to your order. At this point, the form clears, allowing you to enter more items.
  5. Proceed to “View Order” or “Checkout” when done. You will be able to view and edit your order during checkout.
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